The old Buddhist kingdom, located on the Karakoram Range to the north of India, beckons travelers since time immemorial. The juxtaposed arid mountains echo the chants of tranquilly, as the meandering rivers and the still water of beautiful lakes reiterate the sermon of peace.

But Ladakh is not only about scenic beauty. Life here, amidst the rugged desserts and sparse water at high altitude is a challenge. Still an essence of warmth and benevolence reflect in the simple yet happy lifestyle of the people of Ladakh. Their innocent smile touches heart and quite instantly infects the one who is greeted by it.

Standing at the viewfinder, I was stunned by the frames, each resembling a painting beyond description. The mountains flaunt their snow capped texture of rainbow colours to each other and also to the cloud above, which is no less in showing off with its dignified white at sometime and fiercely beautiful blue at the other. This mesmerizing view is often dotted by white Tibetan monasteries, stone curved dwellings of the locals and limited green.

It’s my humble attempt to relay the riot of colours and catch glimpses of serene life here to the world out there. If you love to travel, visit Ladakh at least once in your lifetime. Living a few days at Ladakh, resonates inside me - "live to express, not to impress"

To be continued ... WINTER LADAKH ..